Stuffed Shells, Salad and Roasted Garlic Bread – Dinner Party!

Preparing for a small dinner party! I love this meal when people come over. It’s easy to prepare ahead, and just throw together when the time comes!


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45 thoughts on “Stuffed Shells, Salad and Roasted Garlic Bread – Dinner Party!”

  1. Jessica Lynn says:

    Looks excellent, I’ll bring the 🍷 wine. 😉 😋 ~Jess

  2. Jo reynolds says:

    I have never tried stuffed shells, even though I cook a lot of Italian recipes. I am definitely going to try your recipe though, because it looks delicious! I had a giggle at your fridge cam – it looked like footage from a tv cooking show! Very professional!

  3. Vilma Ochoa says:

    That was delicious!

  4. Looks yummy, Jennifer! I've made the stuffed shells but sometimes I add some chopped spinach (thawed from a bag of frozen) for a little Florentine flavor. And I do them with the cheese facing up too.

  5. Yummm! “Cooking with Jennifer” needs to be a regular thing! Inspirational!

  6. try cooking the Neapolitan queens. if you need write me send you the original Italian recipe – bye

  7. Marticia B. says:

    I keep saying I have got to get to jenniferv house and have dinner with her lol love your tutorials and you too my dear sweet friend love MARTICIA

  8. Yum! That looks delicious!

  9. L M says:

    Drooling 🤤 😍

  10. Tupper Lor says:

    Looks delicious! Ditch the canned parm & use real parm next time!

  11. JPee962 says:

    Delicious looking meal. Set a place for me next time! Xx

  12. Love love love !!! Thanks for sharing

  13. I make my filling pretty much the same except I add a little cream cheese to make it really creamy!😊

  14. Purselady25 says:

    Oh, I’m so excited about your cooking video. Everything you make looks so delicious. I’ll try to duplicate🥰🥰

  15. cwm53 says:

    The food looks delicious. Great idea to roast the garlic then add it to the butter mix. Thanks for sharing and would enjoy seeing more cooking videos as we move into the holiday season.

  16. Hi you are incredible, the italian cooking easy, And your are so good, 🌶❤️

  17. What a perfectly delicious meal. I am a "shells up" cook. Don't want to lose all that yummy filling. Your cooking videos make me hungry! Question: Do you usually serve a dessert at your dinner parties?

  18. J B says:

    Oh Yay and YUM!! <3 Love your cooking vids and seeing the whole process. Salad looked awesome as well as the stuffed shells!! Garlic bread is one of my favs!! Do you ever put wine in your sauces? Just wondering. : ) Love your sweater. Great color for you too Jennifer. <3 <3

  19. Fab vid – lovely chopping noise!!!!

  20. Miss G says:

    Yay, I can smell the Garlic Bread, may fave💖. Is this the day that Wendy and other YT friends visited you? i hoped you had a great time💕🌸🌸🌸

  21. smokinokin66 says:

    Wow! Your place is beautiful and the food looks gorgeous! Your simple recipe looks pretty labor intensive to a crap cook like me- but ever so delicious! Can you take your mixture when the shells are maybe only half cooked (so very firm) and gently fold the shells into the mixture, rather than stuffing them one by one? The shells will probably finish cooking in the oven, no? The recipe looks divine and sooo yummy! Your friends and family are lucky to have you! You put so much love and effort into everything you do! You’re such an amazing hostess!

  22. Kanori W says:

    My daughter loves stuff shells. Avocado in salads makes such a difference. YUM!

  23. Vee tompkins says:

    Thank you for sharing!!

  24. Megan H says:

    Stuffed shells are so good!

  25. Stacy L says:

    Your kitchen and dining room are so beautiful! What’s better than good food and good friends!

  26. TheLaLa0825 says:

    Sounds amazing! Yum!!!

  27. lt nugget says:

    I love the closeup chop – so relaxing! ~Hugs

  28. Debbie Loes says:

    My fam and guests love stuffed shells as well. They’re a bit messy to construct, but easy. Sometimes I serve a side of juicy big Italian sausage links for the hubby carnivores! Love your fridge

  29. Love all of your cooking videos, but this was my favorite! You are adorable. My favorite parts were the fridge and garlic chopping cams! 😆 Can’t wait to try these recipes. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and do you have any favorite wine pairings? (Either with a meal like this or other foods?)

  30. Renae Brook says:

    Hey Jen..what red sauce did you use?looked homemade

  31. Nealy Munoz says:

    I am making that salad ASAP. Sounds wonderful and yes keep the shells upward facing in the pan. Love the cooking vids.

  32. LISA LISA says:

    Love your video thank for the inspiration 👍👍

  33. Thank you for sharing, I've got to make stuffed shells soon!

  34. Ohmygoodness, I think I could do this. Thanks so much for making it look easy!

  35. Amazing…Just today I was thinking "hmm I miss Jen's cooking segments, I hope she does one soon,.." And there it was!! The stuffed pasta shell recipe looks great for company and family as well. I also love the roasted garlic bread (why didn't I think of roasting the garlic before I put it on the bread!). The salad and the dressing look delicious too. I will give these recipes a try. Hope your dinner party was fun, Thank you!!

  36. crtv says:

    hi jennifer, what do you think of the blazer trend? you could wear casual blazers for example and look very good.

  37. Ash Mann says:

    I may have liked the video before watching!

  38. I loved watching this video! I want some of those stuff pasta shells. 🙂 xoxo wendy

  39. Mm l'll have to try that garlic bread idea!

  40. Ann Mark says:

    Oh my goodness Jenn! Your stuffed shells looked amazing. How long in the oven at 350? (Missed it). I’ve already had dinner but I’m hungry again. Thanks for sharing – you make things look effortless!

  41. Lina Mahmud says:

    U have a beautiful home and i really love the kitchen… huge and airy ♥️

  42. Ana Pacheco says:

    Thanks a bunch Jennifer for that great recipe, I will try it for sure!

  43. Oh my goodness love the camera in the fridge!😅 your home is so beautiful and immaculate! And of course the food is scrumptious!

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