Today tortelloni al burro!

Today tortelloni al burro!

This dish close the “cycle” of low budget recipes; indeed there’s just one ingredient needed. Butter
Tortelloni come from Northern Italy and they belong to the stuffed pasta category. The ones I’ve used tonight are filled with spinach and ricotta cheese but other filling can be with ham or with cheese and potato. It’s a quite ancient pasta with the first appearance dating back to 1100 AD in the Lombard Kingdoms although today the city of Bologna (not part of Lombardy) is considered the capital of this delicious kind of pasta.
Butter is a very popular ingredient in Northern Italy and it’s used instead of olive oil due to the scarce quantity of olive trees in Northern regions
The preparation is fairly easy but it requires a bit of attention from you: tortelloni get ready in a matter of minutes and if you let them to cook too much they start falling apart and broking.
In a separate bowl put a consistent piece of butter, once that the tortelloni are ready, pour the pasta on it and wait until the butter starts melting down. When done, mix everything, serve and add some cheese on the top: a cheese with a strong flavor is recommended

Enjoy and buon appetito!

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